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Monday, June 16, 2014

Return of the Blogger...

Blogging and YouTube has really taken a backseat for me these last 6-8 months. So much has been going on in ours lives, but now it is starting to finally settle down and I can get back to the grind. :)

In December, my sister-in-law and I started lifting again, as well as joining a "diet" recovery group of sorts online. (GoKaleo!) We have both undergone massive changes in our lifestyles, minds, and bodies. It has been a very good and sobering experience. There are lots of ups and downs with this but so much good has come out of it, and I am feeling better every day. Lots of self-love happening over here! That is what I really want to focus this post on.

I have learned in these past months, that my body is an incredible work of art. I may have extra fat, stretch marks, cellulite, sagginess and unattractive qualities... But it has done, and still does, some pretty amazing things. Never take for granted the things your body can do. Those normal and mundane actions could be gone within a moment... Be grateful for them.

My body has grown two full term, chubby, healthy, beautiful babies. It is fertile and willing to take on the challenge of birthing a human-being. THAT IS INCREDIBLE. Don't you see? Seriously think about how amazing that is. My body, as a woman, was created to do this. (Hugs to mamas with fertility troubles...) and it does that job with a mighty force! The last baby was born all natural, with no drugs and did that job with grace. I have never felt stronger than the few seconds after that girl was born. Triumphant. Full of love. Full of joy. The way my body looked by societies standards did not matter in those moments. Why does that feeling go away once we get back to "reality"? Bodies don't stop being incredible just because we get back to schedules and forget about the simple things.

Right now I am able to squat 185 lbs, deadlift 250 lbs, and bench 105 lbs. 1 year ago I NEVER would have dreamed of that. I have met new friends that can do double what I do, and you know what? I'm happy for them, and happy for me. I don't get so caught up in jealousy and feeling mediocre anymore. I feel STRONG and I am happy with who I am. My body has done this within mere months! I am so excited to see what the future holds with lifting heavy things. My husband and I are planning to do our first competition in early November. Lift.The.Weights. :)

This post is pretty short but I just wanted to put a little bit of love out there. Was feeling inspired. :) Stay tuned for regular postings once again!