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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Avant-garde Lactation Cookies! Boobie biscuits for all!

^^ Try to say that 10 times fast. :)

What does it mean? Its a term used to describe things that promote lactation. Natural or synthetic. Here are a list of some common ones used by women to help boost their milk supply.

*Fennel seeds.
*Goat's Rue
*Milk Thistle
*Flax meal
*Wheat germ
*Red Raspberry Leaf
*Brewers Yeast
*Marshmallow root

I won't even get into the synthetic, as I have personally never used them and don't have much knowledge. However, I used to drink Red Raspberry Leaf tea, take Milk Makers supplements, and other natural "boosters." I don't really need much of a supply boost, but I thought I would try to come up with my own recipe for little biscuits to pop in the freezer for any time I might need one. You will find the recipe below. Enjoy!

Boobie Biscuits 

1/2 C self-rising flour
1/2 C coconut flour (has more fiber than regular flour)
3/4 C honey
2 TB flaxseed meal
2 eggs
2 TB water
2 TB brewers yeast
1/2 ts himalayan salt (the pink kind)
3/4 C old fashioned oats
3.4 C Pumpkin Flax Granola (Or just a plain organic granola of your choice, this is my favorite.)
1 ts vanilla
1 ts cinnamon
1/2 C coconut oil
1/4 C coconut milk
1/4 C wheat germ
1/4 C dry roasted peanuts (for crunch!)
1/4 Heath bits (For yumminess :) ) 
2 TB chia seeds

*Combine coconut oil and honey (This would be referred to as "creaming" in a traditional recipe with butter and sugar.)
*Mix water with flax meal. It will become like a gel almost.
*Combine all dry ingredients, minus oats and granola.
*Add flax mixture, to honey/coconut oil and mix well.
*Add dry ingredients and mix well.
*Add granola, peanuts, Heath bits, coconut milk, brewers yeast, and chia seeds.
*Make sure everything is combined well.

~Use a scoop or spoon to make about 25 "biscuits" and bake for 15 min on 350*F. 

Eat with a glass of coconut milk and enjoy!!

With love,

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