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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Avant-garde. a little about me!

You might be thinking, what the heck does that mean? How does it apply to motherhood? What has this crazy lady been smoking?

Well, I'll tell you. (About avant-garde, not what I've been smoking. That's top secret. ;) )

Unorthadox. Hippie. Flower-child. Radical. Forward-thinking.

I am an old-school mom in a new-school world. I choose to put cloth on my baby's bum instead of chemical infused disposables. We breastfeed instead of choosing GMO filled formula. We eat clean instead of processed. (MOSTLY. We are FAR from perfect.) We co-sleep and follow our parenting instincts instead of leaving our baby in another room in her own bed. We smother her in love and comfort when she sheds tears, and when she is happy. We do what we FEEL is best. Not what we've been told is best. Not what doctors and other "veteran" moms and dads tell us is best. We follow our instincts. God gave us these instincts for a reason, and I intend to listen to them to the best of my ability. This includes not injecting vaccines into my children's bodies. Instincts. Research. Knowledge. They are powerful weapons!

In this blog, I will open up to you my heart and mind. My husband and I do what we feel is best for our family, and I know that you will do what you feel is best for yours. No judgement here, we all want the same end result; happy and healthy kiddos.

When I became pregnant with my son at 17, I was extremely scared and didn't know the first thing about being a mom. However, I knew I had a responsibility to myself and son to educate myself and be the best mom I could. With the help of my family and encouragement of friends, I graduated high school and got a good job as a CNA working in the local Alzheimers Care Center. I had a good life.

I raised him as most modern moms, with formula (although I TRIED  to breastfeed. Lack of knowledge and professional support cut that journey to a short 3 wks.) disposable diapers, daycare, and crying-it-out. I always felt like he deserved more of me. I brought him into my bed and kept him there until he was 6 months old, and they were a precious 6 months that I will always treasure. Right then I knew that this was a stepping stone to a way of life that felt right.

My husband and I got married when my son was 18 months old, and he is now 3... still crawling into our bed most early mornings! Although a 35 lb boy stepping on our legs is not the most glorious feeling in the world, snuggling with him is. Having both my kiddos in my bed with me is one of my favorite things in this whole world. Who could ask for more?!

I welcome you to join me on my journey of parenthood, winging it and doing the best I can by following my gut and treating my children with love and kindness. ( Not forgetting that its ok to be imperfect and that EVERYONE makes mistakes.)

With love

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