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Monday, September 23, 2013

Let's Talk About Ta-ta's: To keep, or toss the cover...

I am come across a big dilemma tonight while cleaning out my diaper bag.

The breastfeeding cover.

The big piece of fabric that was created to cover up my daughter's head while she eats. It is pretty... and has these handy pockets in the corners for my nursing pads, or phone, or a little snack, or whatever I need to store in there at the time. Plus, the big hoop so I can see her while she is being covered up, but no one else can! How handy-dandy.


I think it's time to put this thing away. Lets be real here-- I NEVER use it. Every time my little nursling babe gets hungry in public, the lactivist in me goes "YES! LET'S NORMALIZE BREASTFEEDING, BABY!!! Whooooohooooo!"

I kinda wish I was kidding, but I'm totally not. I LOVE feeding my daughter in public. Every time someone comes over to talk to me, commenting on how cute my baby is, asking questions, and doesn't even notice that she is having a little snack, I do a happy dance on the inside. I make it a point to tell my husband about it. Especially when its a man. Because, you know, men get turned on when they see breastfeeding moms... Didn't you know that?! (That might be a tad passive-aggressive... Sorry) I don't think my sweet husband minds anymore, he knows how happy I get when this happens.

For example: We went on a trip to South Dakota last weekend. There is an indoor water park and its water comes straight from the Hot Springs outside the building. One of the lifeguards came over to me while nursing her and asked how old she was, then started yakking away about his 6 month old babe at home. Didn't even notice that my boob was completely out of my bathing suit, and in baby girls mouth.

I think some people expect you to feel awkward when this happens, but I never do. Its our job and duty to our kids and this planet to make people feel like nursing is normal, beautiful, natural, and so so right. Pull them onto your lactivist bandwagon and show the world what you and I both know...

Always has been, always will be!

With love.


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